A secret location in Colorado - photo by: Samuel Lucas Gove

A secret location in Colorado - photo by: Samuel Lucas Gove

Creator, Motivator, Aspiring Sea Sailor

Skyler Elzy is a graphic designer & illustrator based out of Portland, OR. He considers himself a Graphic Designer by trade, but an artist, a dreamer, and an adventure seeker by heart. Skyler finds inspiration from the experiences and relationships he’s built traveling across the country. He is committed to challenging himself with the unfamiliar; and as a result, his art and designs are constantly evolving.

In the past five years, Skyler has dedicated his time to honing in his skills and techniques as a designer.  He has been fortunate to work and learn alongside knowledgable mentors, artists, and friends in the field. He has an internal drive to continue building relationships within the industry for inspiration, mentorship, and collaboration. Skyler currently works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Whether he’s on the job or not, you can always find him having a good time.


Tech: Adobe Creative Suite 6: Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop, Premier Pro, some knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Hand: Illustration, Branding, Online advertisement, Packaging, Magazine Layout, Screen Printing, Lithography, Woodcut printing, Typography and much more.
Skyler.elzy@gmail.com                                            Instagram | Facebook